Monday, 6 February 2012

How To Make Money Online Easily In Nigeria With 1KJobs & Fiverr

Making Money Online is not an easy or a day Job, though some people think making Money Online could that easy thats why the Fall Victim to Scams and Other Similar Issue on their Quest to Make Money Online, So even Start and Drop it half way when they get less of what they expected to come as a Return but consistency is the scope to a Successful Online Biz and dont think their is any Online Biz that can make you Quick Rich Overnight.

Today, I will be sharing with you a Simple Way to Make Cool, Steady & Legitimate Money Online, The Advice is that you should Quit your Present Online Biz that is not Paying you and Join this One am gonna be Taking you On, Its has been Confirmed by Me and many Others. I will be Listing Just 2 Ways for Now, Lets Get Started!

1. FIVERR: You can start earning money by share things your're willing to do for just $5. This Biz is a kind of an Auction Site where you get Free Advertisement Space and your Share your Services & Product for the World to See and You make cool and steady Income make from your Sales.

Unfortunately, only accept Paypal as its mode of payment, hence impossible for majority of Nigerians to use their system. Paypal doesn't accept Nigerians but you can partake in the Fiverr Biz if you have a Working & alredy Verified Paypal Account, You will get Paid into your Paypal Account.

2. 1KJOBSONLINE: This is Ideal for Nigerians, if after you read this Article and you dont take the next step, I just wonder How Stupid you will look because they are many Young Nigerians making Steady Incomes on the Site Daily! 1KJOBSONLINE is 99% similar to Fiverr but the difference is that 1KJOBSONLINE accept Nigerians and No Foreign Account Need, You will have to Make Use of you Local Bank Account.

The Website allow you to Publicise what you have Got or the Services/product for just N1,000 only! e.g Maybe you have a Software that can make a Computer Run from Lagos to Kano, You can just Create a Gig as a Seller on 1KJOBS, People will be very much Interested in the Software, they will contact you on the Site and you will give them your Account Number and you can Start Making Money! I was on the Site Yesterday and i saw a Gig about How to Configure you PC, The Gig Read like this, I will help you to configure your iPAD, iPOD, PSP, HTC and other similar Device to browse , You can Create a Gig on anything you know How to do on 1KJOBS and make cool money into your Bank Account from Interested Buyers. All you have to do is to Create a Gig and you are off to making Money!

You should Register now and Activate your seller�s account today. The truth is, if you don�t others will and they would start making
money from this information. Also, what you are getting to know here
is what some information marketers will package and sell for you at a
high price of about N8,000 but I just decide to give it out for a Token.
So you need you to do the following to get Started.
1. Go to 1KJOBS website and register an account now.
2. You must Activate your Seller Account before you can make Money by reffering people, Activate your seller�s account by paying just N 1,000 into the Account details of 1kjobsOnline, you will find on the page that contains how to Activate your seller�s account. You would get to a page that contains the account details by clicking on �Click here to activate your seller account�. Activating your Account is very important.
NOTE: You can Share your Gig or Affilate Link on Facebook or Twitter for Better Chance!
The Gig selling & Affilate on 1KJobs are the two Ways to make Money on the Site, Pls Activate your Seller Account now to start making money also! There is nom limit to how much you can make!

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