Monday, 6 February 2012

Unlock Your Modem Here

There is no doubt that most modems if not all can only make use of the SIM card of the network provider you get it from e.g If you by it from MTN, You cannot use any other Network with it, But if you Unlock it, It will work with any Network.I make use of both MTN and GLO for my browsing. GLO during the day and MTN during the night. this way I conserve spend less. Now if you have a Modem and you need to unlock it i can help you do that.

What do I do?
 1.Text the Modem's IMEI No[ Your Modem IMEI Number is located at the Back of your Modem, Usually Start with 35 ] with an MTN #200 recharge card to 08138543144

2.In a space of 30 minutes I will reply you with the unlock code. Now this is what to do with the unlock code.
3.Remove the Sim Inside the Modem and Put another Network SIM different from the Modem Network, e.g If you are using an MTN Modem, Insert Glo or any other Network SIM apart from MTN, Then Plug it to your PC. A pop-up will Appear asking you to input the unlock code, Insert the unlock code I sent to you Click, Congratulation your modem is unlocked

After Unlocking your Modem, Maybe its an MTN F@stlink Modem you Unlock, Before you can Browse with Zain Sim or any other SIM in it after Unlocking, You will have to Create a New Profile for Zain or Others, so that you will be able to Browse with Zain SIM using MTN Modem Software on your PC.

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