Monday, 6 February 2012

How To Make Money With Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is Gradually Turning Out to be the Most Simplest & Easiest Way to Make Money doing a Stressless work while Seeking Admission or as a Student.
Though this Business as been Out for Long, But i will be Explaining Further on it and How you can Make Reasonable Money Out of it, Let me Answer some Frequently Asked Question about Bulk SMS now!

Bulk SMS is a Platform that allow you to Send Customised SMS at a very Cheap Rate to any Network. Hav you Receive any SMS from MTN or Airtel, Bank, Schools or Others? They Send you SMS with a Specific name without you saving their Contact in your Phone Book.
What am trying to Explain above is this, Most times you Receive SMS from MTN informing you about some Promo and all that, Take Note that the SMS has a Sender name MTN which you dont have on your Phone Contact, thats the Fuction of Bulk SMS.

Since the emergence of the Bulk SMS into the World, It has been of Immense Advantage to Individuals, the Societies and Companies both Big and Small.
This Different Section make or need the Use of Bulk SMS on their Day-to-Day Activities for Information Dissemination.
Religious House, Companies, Schools, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Clubs, University/Polytechnic Departments, Computer training schools etc
=> Let me take the Advantage of Bulk SMS to School & Companies as an Advantage, I believe with this you can Phrase Out the Use to Other Sectors above.
SCHOOLS: Bulk SMS is very Neccessary for Schools to Inform Parent about any Information or Meetings that is to come up soon, So no need to bother asking Student to Inform their Parent about any Upcoming Activities, the School can now take care of that using Bulk SMS.
COMPANIES: Companies can make use of Bulk SMS to Inform their Customers about Promos or Offer that will come! They Use Bulk SMS to keep them Updated about Various happenings in the Company and many more too numerous to be Mention.

You can Reach Out to 10 Million Mobile Phone Users within 10 Minutes.
Its very Cheap to Use compare to Others Means of Information Disseminations.
Send SMS to all Network Users at the Same Rate. etc

There are Many Bulk SMS Companies out there, You have to Compare their Price before Opting for them. You can Google Search For BULK SMS COMPANY IN NIGERIA to get thousands of BULK SMS Companies.

1. Customer Account: This type of Account is usually for Private Use or for a Small Scale Purpose because you dont use it for a Business, Purchasing a Single SMS with this Type of Account come for as low as N2:00 to any Network instead of Sending SMS for N15:00 on your Phone.
2. Reseller Account: This Type of Account is for this that want to make Money with Bulk SMS, You can Partners with Company, Churches and Other Institutions so that they can Buy Bulk SMS Credit from you and you can also sell for them and make Money! This Type of Account Usually come with a Website, This means that if you Open such Account, You will be given your Own Official Website so that Customer and Companies can buy SMS Credit from you.

Maybe you visited a Company as a Bulk SMS Client, Meaning you want to handle their Bulk SMS Work, and they accept your Proporsal,You can Charge them for N5 per SMS, Let me do a Little Calculation so that you Guys can know am a
Bulk SMS Company sell SMS for you @ the Rate of N2 Each!
You Charge the Company who need your SMS Service for N5 Each!
Then they Decided to Send to 50,000 Customers, Then you have to Purchase 50,000 SMS.
You have Automatically Make:
50,000 SMS * N5 = N250,000, Then you can now Deduct the Money you Used in Purchasing the SMS which is 50,000 * N2 = N100,000.

You have to Calculate your Gain from the Bizness you just did, You Make N250,000 - N100,000 you used in Buying SMS, You Own Gain now is = N150,000

Cool Money Flowing!
You can as Well Make Use of this Election Period, Meet any Politician and Inform him of SMS Campaign, Then try to get Phone Numbers of People Around!

LinkoSMS is a Very Reliable SMS Company, Their SMS Rate is very Cheap, You can Visit them @ and Order for any Volume of SMS you want, Then Pay into their Account and text them your Username and Other Neccessary Info requested for on their Website and Instantly, Your SMS Account will be Funded and You can Start Text and Making Money. You can also Contact them Reseller SMS Account and you can have your Own Website and Start Making Huge Money!
1. Create a List of Client you need e.g Churches, School, Supermarket, You School Department.
2. Set up a meeting with your target customer and use "word of the mouth" to explain your Mission to them.
3. You can also issue a contact form in which your target customer can use in collecting phone numbers for their Customers fo you.
4. Negotiate your price for the service.
5. Collect your Money,Customer Phone numbers, The Message to be sent and the SENDER ID to be used, This is the Name that Appear at the Top like the one of MTN and co.
6. Buy the number of sms needed from your sms provider e.g using part of the money collected from your target customer.
7. Get the sms sent and keep your profit.
Credit goes to the guys at  Naijaloaded

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