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How To Pass Your JAMB UTME Exam in High Scores

Since the introduction of the University Matriculation Examination by the Joint admissions and matriculation board (JAMB) the exam has not only been a nightmare to Nigerian students but has also dashed the aspirations and dreams of Nigerian students.
This is not surprising since most students see the exam as a mountain that can only crossed by the special grace of God and not by hard work or both. Most students have developed a great “phobia” for the word” JAMB” that the name has become synonymous with fear, failure and impossibility.
However, in this article I will be revealing to you the secrets of not only passing JAMB examinations but passing them with high scores. Let’s start by introducing the exam.

The examination Body was established by the Federal Government in 1977.The enabling law establishing the board was promulgated in Feb. 1978 as act No 2 of 1978. In 1993 it was amended as act No 33 of 1989 and further amended as act No 4 of 1993.It was established to solve the problem of multiple applications and admissions into Nigerian universities, monotechnics, polytechnics and colleges of education.

Be Determined;              
No matter how hard you try to prepare for the exam the most important thing for you to do is to be determined to make it. Determination oils the engine of success. It keeps you going when you thing you are getting fed up. To be able to make it in JAMB examinations you must be determined on your own to make it at all cost.
Remove Fear;
As I stated earlier most students have developed a phobia for this examination. Your failure begins whenever you let fear take hold of anything you want to do. You must not see the JAMB examination as very hard exam that cannot be passed without examination malpractice.

Hard work Pays;
Great men they say are those who toil and work when their mates and contemporary sleep all through the night. The importance of hard work cannot be overemphasized. You cannot succeed in life without working hard. I have always believed that there is no shortcut in life. So if you want to pass your JAMB examination and you put your trust and mind on exam malpractice I say a very big sorry. You must start now to read your books. Time waits for no one.

Without God
You must put God first in anything you do. Research has showed that it is not always the most intelligent that passes exam but as the case may be there are many other factors that can stand on your way of success and bring failure to you. That is why it is very important that you seek God’s guidance as you prepare and write the examination. You may have covered the syllabus and finished solving all past questions go to the hall and write wonderfully well only for one person to implicate the whole hall and your results cancelled. So pray as if all things depend on God and read as if all things depend on books.

Use Jamb Textbooks;
 One important thing most students seem not to know is that JAMB has its own textbooks. Most students make use of the Ordinary Level textbooks to prepare for the exam which is not only useless but a waste of time. If you are preparing for the maths examination and you use the ordinary maths textbooks which will tell you nothing about Permutation and Combination, calculus and so many other stuffs. Not only will you miss out some topics but you will as well miss out on the style of questions which JAMB uses. All JAMB’s questions are little higher and more difficult to WAEC and NECO questions. So I want to advice all candidates for the JAMB examination, especially those writing it for the first time to go to the markets and get some good textbooks for JAMB alone. I promise you after reading some of these textbooks you will come out of the hall smiling.
For Use Of English I recommend A to Z of JAMB’s Use Of English by Dele Ashade     
In Mathematics I recommend Hidden Facts In JAMB Mathematics by M.A Otumudia                                                                                                                                                             
And in Physics I recommend The Science Physics For Senior Secondary Schools and JAMB examinations  by Afolabi J.R.
They are all great books that really helped me when I wrote my JAMB exam.

Read Past questions
JAMB has made it easier for students by providing past questions for students to read and revise for the examination proper. The truth is that JAMB do repeat one or two questions yearly so not only will you equip yourself with the tricks of JAMB but you might be also solving the JAMB question you will be given in the exam hall that day. What I’m trying to say is that as long as you are a candidate for the JAMB exam you must read and solve the whole past questions for the subjects you are taking.

Form a reading group
Man they say is not an island so to enable you prepare for the exam you have to either form a reading group with your peers or probably join a JAMB lesson centre were you will associate and learn new things from your peers. Compete among yourselves to answer JAMB questions. Task and challenge yourselves on what you have read and very importantly try to teach others whatever you have learnt as it is the surest way to make them indelible in your mind.

Finally, make sure you register the form correctly, make sure your finger prints were taken. And you get to know the venue for the exam on time

Before the exam begins I will be given you the final secrets to passing the exams. I wish you good luck. It is never easy God will see you through.

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