Thursday, 2 February 2012

How To Know How Many People Applied For The Same Course With You In A Particular Institution

JAMB have made it possible for candidates for the exam to know their chances of getting admission by providing them with course statistics for every institution.That is to say that the higher the number of people who chose that particular course the lesser the chances of getting admission and vice versa.

However my purpose of writing this is not to discourage you and make you think like "ahh can I make it" No! I want you guys to see it as a motivation and a challenge to make it in these coming jamb UTME.

Now to check the course statistics for any given institution Click Here
On the page that opens select whether it is for NCE, Degree or ND and choose your Institution.

The statistics will appear  before you in a Pdf format.
If you are preparing for the exam and youy have not read my post on secrets to passing JAMB exam you are on your own o. So check out the great post at

Good luck

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