Thursday, 2 February 2012

Have You Lost Your JAMB UTME Scratch card And Or Photo Card?

Over the years I have come across so many students who have been bedeviled with the problem of loosing their photo card and scratch card meant for the exam, either before or after he exam. This has no doubt cost so many people their admission that year.

However in our usual way of sharing any little information we have we are going to be telling you the simple steps to recovering your scratch card PIN number and as well as getting to print out your photo card.

Simply follow these steps

1. Log on to
2. On the page to opens click on 'lost card' as shown below
3.On the page that opens put in the following informations;
First name, Middle name, Surname and Date of birth.
4.Click on recover PIN

Congrats as your PIN will be made available to you.
 Now you need your PIN to print out your photo card were you will find your Reg No.
Go back to the main page at Put in your PIn and click on Re-print slip as shown below

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