Saturday, 28 January 2012

How To Pay For Your DSTV Subscription Bill Online.

The days of visiting DSTV office and having to stay on the queue just to pay your subscription bill might soon be over as DSTV have made it possible for you to reactivate your account at the comfort of your bedroom and get your Cable hooked on in minutes. Isn't it amazing? Sincerely I can't remember the last time I visited DSTV's office.
Now I will give you the simple steps to doing this with your Verve Card, Master Card or Visa Card.

1.Login to

2.Click on pay DSTV bills as seen below;
3.When the page opens look for the bouquet you want to subscribe to and click pay as seen below
4. On the page that opens put in your Email,Mobile number and smart card number and click next as seen below;

5. On the next page verify your details and put in your name as seen below;
6. Click on Pay and you will be redirected to the web payment gateway were your payments are secured.Select the type of card you use, put in your card number, your expiry date,card pin and your
Card Verification Value (CVV2) which is the 3-digit number printed at the back of your ATM card.
N:B Make sure all the details are correct then click on pay and wait for the confirmation page to open.
Switch on your DSTV and watch it been connected back in few minutes.

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