Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Downlaod and use Mozat + Features

Everyday lot's of Social networking sites/apps spring up around, but there are some that actually cool,trendy and quite worth the time spent on it, and one of such apps is Mozat
Mozat is a new cool social application for your phone. It redefines how you share, communicate and interact with your friends through mobile. MOZAT works on all Java enabled mobile phones, Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, iPad e.t.c. It's just one App that keeps all your friends connected. Mozat gives you a unique PIN just like Blackberry Users.

Now some of the features of Mozat include

1) Unlimited Free Chatting
Allows a user to exchange text-based messages, pictures, videos
and files with two or more friends in real-time, on all mobile
phones – allowing seamless cross-platform chatting.

• Include a smiley or “ping” (nudge) a friend to make conversations
lively and interesting. 

• Send a message to multiple recipients through “Broadcast” or chat
with friends at the same time with “Group Chat”.

• Link your account with your MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk or
Facebook chat, and communicate with all your buddies from one
2) Embedded Mobile Social Games
Mobile social gaming is all about multi-player gaming with friends
on any mobile device. 

• It provides a more exciting way of keeping in touch while having

MOZAT offers a lot of exciting games for users. Simply go to the
“Services” tab and choose the game that suits your mood.

• Gives mobile phone users, especially those who don’t own a PC,
access to today’s exciting games and play with or against friends.

• You have access to virtual stores, where you can buy virtual items to
improve your competitiveness in the games.

3) Instant Mobile Sharing (IMS)
Social sharing is a mobile activity that lets you share posts, thoughts,
pictures and just about anything to your friends. You get access to your
friends’ updates as well.

• With MOZAT, you can share your updates to friends instantly, even on
Facebook and Twitter. 

• Access all updates from Facebook and Twitter from one place. You can
access all of them from “Updates” tab.

• Easily upload a photo that is immediately accessible by friends from
MOZAT and other social networks. 

• You and your friends can comment on posts, “like” them or reply to
comments made by others.

4) No User ID or Password Required
You do not require any username or password to log in 
5) Gives Unique PIN
Like Blackberry Messenger you are given a unique PIN which you give out to people for them to connect with you.
6) Auto-Friend Detection
Your friends are automatically connected with you if they are on Mozat already
7) Connecting To Other social Networks (YM, MSN, Facebook Chat, etc)
You  can integrate your 3rd party IM networks and chat with all your buddies
in Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, GTalk and Facebook chat in one place. You can also read Facebook news feed directly on your Mozat. You can as well update your Facebook from Mozat
8) Group Chats
Exchange real-time messages with two or more friends in a single environment. 
From “Chats” tab, converse with friends and “Start a Group Chat”. Chat with
everyone at the same time from a single place. The more, the merrier!
9) Message Delivery Report
With its efficient delivery report, you’ll know when your message is
sent, delivered and read by the recipient. This is more efficient than
traditional SMS/MMS.
10) It Works on Every Phone
It works on practically all phones, Java/J2ME,Symbian, BlackBerry, Android,iPhone and Windows Phone to be precise.
13) Extra Social Tools

RSS – a mobile Internet syndication and aggregation service allowing
you to read the latest news feeds or blog entries that you are
subscribed to. Subscribe to your friends’ channels or share your own to
Poll –
an app that lets you raise questions and choices, and have others
vote and take polls.  See a summary of votes and determine the
winning choice. 
Circle –
a forum or a discussion board for like-minded users.  If you have
anything to share about a certain topic like sports, join a sports circle.
You can even create one and have others share in their thoughts as
Contacts Backup – never lose your contacts again with this app by
backing up your contacts’ numbers  and they will be saved in the server. 
MOZAT Feedback –
this is an official circle, where we encourage users
to share their thoughts and feedback on MOZAT for service
improvements and resolving of issues.
More Services –
this is a built-in app store that you can access for
services that aren’t in the default settings. It includes other games and
exciting social apps.

Now if you want to download this much talked about social app it is easy and simple for a novice to download and start using.

Copy down your PIN and password. Your Pin is required for people to be able to connect with you.
Put in the basic information required from you and upload your profile picture.
Your good to Go. Start "pinging" and enjoying this cool social app.

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