Sunday, 22 January 2012

How To Add the "Email Subscribtion Form" Below Blog posts On Blogger.

Pro-bloggers will tell you that they never play or joke with their 'email feed readers'. This is because they know the importance of having an active feed readers. You can not decide to shy away from adding the email subscription form on your blog as this not only make sure most of your readers return but you as well make money from it  using Adsense for feeds. If you are observant you will notice an email subscription form directly below my blog posts.

In this post I will teach you how to add the email subscription form below your blog posts. have to sign in your feed-burner account, if you haven’t got on yet. you can log in using your google account, or you can register you free account
Click Here to create an account

2.Once you logged in your feedburner account, find Burn a feed right this instant and enter your blogger blog url and hit Next

3.Now you have to give your feed its title and it’s Url and click next.

4.Congrats as your feedburner is now alive.

5. Go to your feedburner dashboard and click on 'Publicise'

6. On left sidebar click Email Subscriptions and then click Activate.

7. Now Select language and copy the code

 8.Now Go to: to parse the code you got from step 7 above.If you do not know how to parse the code, just copy your code into the box on the page and click the "Parse" button. You will see a new code. Copy it somewhere.

9. Go To your blogger account and Go To 'Design'  select Edit HTML if you are using Blogger Old Interface OR go to Template and click on "Edit HTML" => "Proceed" , if you are using the new Blogger interface.

10.Tick the "Expand Widget Template" box.

11. Search for <div class='post-footer'> using CTRL  F and copy the code from 8 above directly under it.
12. Save your template and view one of your posts. It should be able to appear now.

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