Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Feedburner Email Branding: Set Your Post Title to Show to Subscribers Instead of Blog Title

When it comes to email delivery, Feedburner does it very well. One of the professional ways of delivering feeds, posts or updates to subscribers is by setting the post title to show as the email subject instead of blog title. This method when implemented helps to gain the attention of subscribers each time they sign in to their email account. It also helps to retain their subscription as some subscribers tend to unsubscribe when they keep seeing one particular name like your blog title.
By showing your feed or post title you tell them that you have made a new post different from the one they received last. However, this will make much sense if your post or feed titles are hot and eye catchy!
In this post, I will be showing you with a screen-shot a step by step guide on how to set or brand your feedburner email delivery to show feed or post title instead of the old fashion way of showing blog title. Ok lets hit the point!
Login into your Feedburner account
Click on your Feed Title and then follow the rest of the steps in the screen-shot below:

The code in step 4  =>  ${latestItemTitle}-NaijaTechBlog, will display your post title and then your Blog title (Remember to change "NaijaTechBlog" to your own Blog title or name)
If you write more than one article or post in a day, then the code in step 5 =>  ${latestItemTitle} plus ${m} more-NaijaTechBlog will be of good to you. However, add the both codes just as they are, you may need to make multiple posts one day.
This post is straight just make sure you follow the steps in the screen-shot and your email branding settings will be done. The only change you will need to make is replacing my Blog Name "NaijaTechBlog" with your own.
When you are done, click on the "Activate Service" button; if you have already activated the service before, then click the "Save" button below the form. That's all.
When next you make a post, your subscribers will receive it in the format
From Your Feed Title: "Post Title-Your Blog Name"

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