Friday, 13 April 2012

Breaking News; FUTO in shambles as buildings Submerges in Flood. Many injured as Python attacks students.

It was really hell for Nigerian Students in Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) as a heavy rainfall that lasted over three hours left FUTO in a shadow of itself as several buildings were submerged and damaged in the rainfall.
The rain began by 4 pm today (12th of April) and lasted till 7 pm. The heavy rain completely raised down the Old building of the NFCS FUTO chapter as several students were seriously wounded and taken to the schools medical center. This was because the NFCS building has been a reading venue for most students. The new building of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Chaplaincy was also affected as some of the roof went out.
As if that was not enough virtually all electric poles and trees around the school vicinity fell down blocking roads and damaging buildings.
As a Student journalist and a blogger I rushed to the school’s medical center to ascertain the number and degree of casualties, there we were attacked by a very big Python as we struggled to overpower it and kill it.
Indeed it was an experience all Futoite will not pray to have again. Check out pictures of the Damages and the snake.

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