Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Send Valentine SMS Messages To Friends This Valentine.

It is a period of love, a time to show love to friends and well wishers.Valentine's day is a day mapped out especially for lovers. Since the introduction of phone into the Nigerian market the sending of Valentine's card has been totally endangered. People now find it  comfortable and convenient sending Valentine messages  from their phone using SMS This new trend has benefited  the service providers who make  huge amounts of money on days like this.

However, in the spirit of the celebration naijaedutech will be giving you some websites that offer amazing Valentine SMS messages befitting for your lover(s)

www.mydearvalentine.com is one site arguably has biggest database of valentine messages that will sooth any class of person.
Also while browsing the net I came across another wonderful site that I fell in live with,  you just need to see the collections of Valentine messages on their stock. The site is www.sms4smile.com

Still not comfortable with just these two and wanting to give my honorable readers a plethora of sites to pick from I went on further to search for more of such beautiful Valentine messages and luckily I came across these ones below;

During this period I will be giving you such Valentine info and tips to having a fun filled one. so in other not to miss out in my subsequent post about this make sure you like my page on Facebook nad subscribe to my email feed to get the posts directly to your inbox.....
Hope I get  my own Valentine message on the 14th of Feb.
I love you all

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