Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Step by step instruction for a successful and quick registration and clearance at FUTO

Before I begin I will like to congratulate to all those that got admitted to the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO).It is a great thing that you got admitted after all the stress you underwent right from writing the JAMB exam to buying form for the institution’s aptitude test to the actual exam and all the tension you had waiting for the result and list respectively.
Luckily for me I got admitted also into the institution. My name came out on the second list which was released few days ago. I was admitted into the department of Information and Management Technology. However after doing most of my registration and clearance I thought it was pertinent to at least reach out to my fellow students who may be having problem doing their clearance and registration as well as those expecting their names in subsequent list to be released. If you will follow this step by step guild I will be giving you. I promise you won’t find it difficult at all doing your registration.
Now let’s get to business
1.       Pay you acceptance fee at First City Monumental Bank (FCMB) located at wetheral road Owerri. It’s #25,000 Make photocopy of the receipt and keep
2.       Go to a cyber cafĂ© preferably at school and get these documents; ORIGINAL JAMB RESULT, ADMISSION LETER FROM JAMB and ADMISSION LETTER FROM SCHOOL. All these will cost you about #3,200
3.       Now make a photocopy of these documents together with your acceptance fee teller. Stop a bike at the school park; tell him you are going to the senate. When you get to the senate walk up to the first floor by the left and you will see students waiting to submit their documents for the confirmation of their admission. Submit yours and come back in three days time to get yours. NB: don’t go there if you know that you didn’t merit the admission to avoid embarrassment.
4.       Now go to Diamond bank inside the school and pay #2,100 for the SUG fee and head to the SUG secretariat beside hostel D to get the official SUG receipt. As well photocopy it.
5.       Now go to the School of Science (SOSC) building and pay #2500 for your medicals. You will be given a receipt. As well photocopy the receipt and head to the school medical center located near the Hall of Mercy. Present your SUG receipt and you will be given a file which you will use for the whole Medical processes which includes; immunization, eye check, weight, height, pulse, BP, blood test and X-ray.
6.       Have it been up to one week since you paid your acceptance fee? If yes proceed to the SOSC building were you will change your Acceptance fee teller to the schools official receipt. As well don’t forget to photocopy it.
7.       Now take a bike to the Registrar’s office were you will present your Acceptance fee receipt and you will be given your Validity form.
8.       Now go back to the Senate and take your “confirmation of admission” form which makes you officially an admitted student.
9.       Now you have to make these items ready for your departmental clearance
o   Photocopy of your acceptance fee receipt
o   Photocopy of your departmental dues receipt
o   Photocopy of you SUG receipt
o   Photocopy of your Medical fee receipt
o   Birth cert
o   Attestation letter from a reputable source
o   Local Gov of origin
o   O’ level result
o   Original jamb result slip
o   Jamb admission letter
o   School admission letter
o   Confirmation of admission (Gotten from the senate)
o   Validity form
o   Post Ume result.
10.   Having done your departmental clearance you will given a form duly signed by the HOD of your department. This you will go with to FCMB Owerri to pay your School fees. It’s #45,800 for Geology students and #44,800 for others.
11.   Now you are almost through with your registration. If you will like to reside in the school hostel then rush to the SOSC building. Ask for were the Hostel admins stay. Write your name and course, on a sheet and give to them they will give you a small form which after feeling you head to the school’s micro finance Bank to pay the sum of #8,000 for your hostel. Return to the hostel admin with your school fee’s receipt and the Hostel receipt you got from the micro finance bank. You will be asked to return in few days when you will allocate a hostel.
12.   You have completed %80 of the whole process. Congrats because it ain’t easy. Relax take some days off and chill for the main academic work.
13.   Return to your department and request for your username and password. Which you will use in registering your course online.
This is the much I know for now as at 23/11/2011. I will definitely update you guys of any new development as they occur. on’t forget to holla at me if you find it difficult in any of these and dont forget to share this posts with your friends on facebook and twitter. I’m also a new student like you guys………..One love
Uwakwe Martin
IMT 100 level                                                             

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